Meet the Rumbargers!

My name is Elijah, this is my wife, Mariah, and my daughter, Carsyn, and we are Rumbarger WoodWorks! We are Oregon born but transplants to Austin, Texas. My hobby resurfaced while I was stationed overseas in Italy. After an airborne accident, I found myself needing a hobby and to help with my recovery; that's where I found my comfort in the woodshop. While my time in the Army was coming to a end, my woodworking hobby was turning into a passion. This passion turned into the creation of Rumbarger WoodWorks. Once I got back into woodworking I knew I wanted to turn it into something. After returning to the states with the fam and planting our new home in Austin, Texas, I began to go to school for nursing, while doing my woodworking on the side. As the business is beginning to grow, it has now become full time. Join us on this crazy endeavor!